Definition of startup

Startups are projects in which a raw idea leads to the production of a product with the efforts of a group, and the sales of that product are prepared.

Successful startups do not necessarily work based on complex scientific work;  But they can also be very successful in the field of producing and selling a product to a customer.

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profit-seeking people If you want to participate in UAE exhibitions, leave the booking, ticketing and booth construction to us.


Startups related to lifestyle


Small startups (family businesses)


Small start-ups affiliated with large companies


Startups active in the field of social networks


Scalable startups (it is called a category whose goal is to become global in addition to high profitability)

Promote innovation


Ease of setup

Spreading teamwork culture

Solve common problems

Economic Growth

Reducing expectations from the government in government employment

Development of entrepreneurial skills

5types of investors for startup ideas




Partnership investors


Voluntary investors


Personal investors

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