If you are looking for investment by buying a property in Dubai, Golden Palace
Real Estate Consultants Group, as a real estate agency in Dubai, will offer
you the best options with its experienced consultants.


UAE residence permit

If your purchased property is worth more than one million dirhams, you will
receive a two-year residency, which will be continuously extended.


Service guarantee

We will be with you in all stages of buying a property and obtaining a
residence in the UAE.

Buying property in Dubai

Dubai, the largest city in the United Arab Emirates, is the most powerful
economy in the region.

If you are looking to immigrate from Iran and invest, and you don’t intend to
move far from Iran, Dubai is one of the most stable options in front of you,
and we suggest you buy a property there.

The Dubai real estate market is witnessing an ever-increasing growth and
remarkable developments. The development of the Dubai real estate market has
attracted many investors from all over the world.

Considering the economic conditions of Iran’s neighboring countries, investing
in Dubai is more logical than other neighboring countries. Join Goldenpalace to
have a more detailed review for buying property in Dubai.

Documents required before entering to UAE

  • Copy of passport ◦
  • Image of UAE entry stamp ◦
  • Copy of tourist visa ◦
  • Passport size color photo ◦

The possibility of traveling to the UAE without the need for a visa

The possibility of opening a bank account in the UAE

Facilitation in obtaining Schengen, Canadian and American visas

The possibility of using medical services

Possibility of registration in schools and colleges

The possibility of commercial activities

the possibility of providing a job

benefiting from the extraordinary tax system without taxes

one of the best tourist areas in the world

How to buy property in Dubai

Buying property in Dubai

Conditions for buying an apartment in Dubai

To buy a house in Dubai, you need at least one million dirhams in capital so that you can get a UAE citizenship visa after that, and if you buy a house worth more than 10 million dirhams, you can get a long-term visa for 10 years after the purchase. At home in Dubai, you must enter this country at least once every 360 days so that your visa is not invalidated.

Benefits of investing in the Dubai real estate market

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